About Patricia

Moving to Los Angeles in 1993, Patricia wanted to help the population who couldn't make it to the gym: seniors! She combined her training in the gym with training seniors in their homes.

Patricia has been successful in achieving her mission to change the lives of seniors by providing complete workout in the home. She teaches flexibility, strength/resistance, cardiovascular exercises, and last but not least Balance. Balance is the most important exercise for training seniors. Her senior clients range in age from 60-97, with some retention of over 20 years.

Patricia worked with Obesity, Diabetes, Fall Prevention, Seeing/Hearing Challenges, Osteoporosis, and Back Problems

As a senior trainer Patricia has experienced working with many seniors with various disabilities such as: Parkinson's, Emphysema, ALS, Alzheimers, Joint replacements, Congestive heart failure, Heart valve replacements, Pacemaker's, Arthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Back issues.


To motivate seniors in their home, stressing the improvement of health and the enhancement of quality of life through behavioral changes including diet, movement, posture, and balance.

Next Steps...

Take the next step in improving the lifestyle and health of yourself or a senior you care for right in the comfort of their own home.