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The Ageless Grace Brain Health Program is based on consciously choosing to change the brain through physical movements similar to play for childhood activities that fired neurons and develop neural pathways from birth to mid teens. All 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease can be practiced by almost anyone of any age or ability.

The exercises are designed to be practiced seated in order to stimulate the five primary functions of the brain(strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creative and imagination and kinesthetic learning ) by doing unfamiliar movements, or creating new ways to do an activity that is already familiar. The movements are spontaneous and organic, with no need to learn any special choreography.

Each of the brain -changing tools also focus on a primary physical skill necessary for lifelong optimal function.(joint mobility, balance, spinal flexibility, upper body strength, coordination) and all promote the 3 R’s of Ageless Grace, the ability to respond, react and recover. More info

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