I keep it really simple… greens, greens, greens!!


After all the years, my scientific research, as well as my own personal experimentation, I’ve come to the awakening reality  – it’s best to keep things simple … greens, greens, greens!!

The Reason Why?

For energy, gut health (immune system), and the colon – nothing makes me feel better than vegetables, lean protein and salad (with a little cake, once in a while, just to celebrate!).

  • Green vegetables in omelets
  • Smoothie or Protein Shake with fruit and greens
  • Acai bowl with kiwi, banana, and sprinkle of granola or coconut
  • Avocado toast

Protein, vegetables and salad


Nuts, Almond Butter and Raw vegetables


Protein, green vegetables and a large salad


Fresh Fruits

Special Notes

Lots of water!

Keep your cheating to 20% of your weekly diet


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