Balance & Fall Prevention

Half of all older adult falls lead to life altering injuries and fatalities after age 65. Patricia uses many different techniques to help seniors build better balance.

Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace and Neuroplasticity

Ageless Grace is a fitness and wellness program consisting of 21 simple exercise tools designed for all ages and abilities. It exercised the five functions of the brain, better known as SMACK: Strategic planning; Memory and recall; Analytical thinking; Creativity and imagination; and Kinesthetic learning).

Cardiovascular & Aerobics 

Depending on a client’s condition and health history, Patricia uses alternative, SAFE techniques to physically warm up her clients for their workouts and strengthen the heart to its capacity.

Training techniques can include:

  • Seated exercises
  • Walking
  • Stairs
  • Low impact aerobics (when possible)
  • Treadmill

Strength & Resistance

Patricia creates a custom program tailored to your individual needs by combining cardiovascular and functional exercise with resistance. With her coaching and training, you will gain stamina and improve your health.


Patricia uses various training methods for stretching. Clients achieve more muscle and bone strength, as well as range of motion. Recline and relax as Patricia moves your body through its natural range of motion. By using a combination of active isolation, dynamic and stretch techniques, she is able to improve joint range of motion, improve blood flow, and help prevent potential injuries. This is particularly beneficial for those individuals suffering for sciatica, knee and hip tightness, chronic low back pain, or shoulder and neck impingement.


Eating well to nourish the mind and body goes hand in hand. Patricia believes in guiding seniors to healthy nutrition. Together we will analyze your current eating habits and develop a program to meet your specific dietary needs.

Next Steps...

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