Top 5 Exercises For Seniors To Do At Home

Below are the top 5 exercises for seniors to do right in their own home.


Leg Exercises:

Sitting in a chair, hold onto sides, and lift leg straight up with abdominals contracted.
Start w 15 reps each leg and gradually increase weekly.







Isometric Push: 

Sitting in a chair, abdominals contracted, push hand against hand as hard as you feel comfortable. Good for upper body strength.







Seated abdominals: Find a secure chair with a straight back, sit up straight so back hits chair and pull in abs as far as possible, then release. Repeat 10-20 times







Wall Push-ups:

Go to a wall, hands up shoulder width apart, hands no higher than top of shoulders, feet approximately 12 inches from wall. Lean into wall and push back so elbows are straight. Shoot for 10-15, add more as they become easy.






Chair Squats:

Choose a secure chair and stand up fully and sit down completely.
Shoot for 10 reps to start and add more when it becomes easy.


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